I need help listing an item! Should I set a reserve?

  1. I am selling my first "expensive" item. I am not sure whether I should set a reserve on it though?
    Do you find buyers don't go for it if it's got a reserve price set? Or do you think it doesn't matter?
  2. Hi, VW

    I think you could do it either way: i.e. start the bidding low but set yourself a reserve so you don't give away the expensive item or start the bidding at a price which you would accept for the bag. See what other members say, but I would guess that you might get more bids on the former option since it can be fun to bid up an item to see what its reserve is. I would, though, always set a reserve.
  3. I'm one of those risky sellers who lists everything at 99p regardless of value. I've yet to be disappointed with what my auctions achieve and it saves me a fortune on eBay fees.

    And yes I've sold high end items including a Chloe Paddington and a couple of Mulberry bags as well as designer shoes and clothes.

    You have to do what you feel comfortable with though. I used to list my items at the price I hoped to achieve after doing research and ascertaining what was a reasonable price to expect. Being realistic with your pricing is vital, all too often I see sellers attempting to achieve full retail on used items
  4. People can still bid up if you start low. Sometimes i think people enjoy looking to reach the reserve price. I have in the past not set a reserve and hoped for the best and been horribly disappointed. Other sellers start at 99p, $2 in American, and go to fantastic prices....its not a simple science....if you dont set a reserve, please bear in mind, you might not reach a price fair to you and you will have to go through with the transaction...
  5. You might have to PM me your eBay name. I like sellers who start at 99p and sell authetic gear :woohoo:
  6. hhmm..it depend if yr item is POPULAR...:p

  7. I would like to point out two things this week, things are selling lower/good buyer deals with this strike that I have seen.

    And what is your rating/and paypal protection at this point?

    If you don't offer enough protection to cover your item then people sometimes I have seen don't bid, I don't when it is a HIGH item and the seller is not covered.

    If this was the case I would post it with confidence and post it starting at what you really want...as the low and what you know the market is for the item you are selling as a BIN. I am big on current market value, as it is not free to sell on ebay. The reserve thing also stops some people, me in particular as I am not into the game I just move on. There is alway more. Also, have you considered a best offer? That is another catch 22 in my book as sometimes people use it as an opportunity to low ball.
  8. i only have a rating of 22...is that bad? I accept a few different payment options, paypal, money orders etc, and I only ship recorded or signed for.

  9. Your rating is not bad that is not what I mean, but until you hit a feedback of 50 you do not have the $2,000 in buyer protection currently you offer a buyer $200.00 in protection through paypal payments. I think that holds people back from bidding on higher ticket items. Just my thoughts...........so....................I would consider that when pricing your auction.
  10. Reserve = Buyer turn off most of the time...

    With my STRONG feedback, I never hesitate to list my items at $0.99/no reserve. With feedback such as yours (under 50), I would at least start with $20 or so dollars under the minimum amount you are HOPING to get, without setting a reserve.

    Just remember: be realistic. Have fun. You might lose a few dollars here and there, but as your feedback grows, so will your $$$.
  11. okay thanks everyone :smile:
  12. Reserve = Buyer turn off most of the time...

    ITA. I don't want to guess what the seller's minimum price is. I pretty much ignore auctions with a reserve. If your starting price is reasonable and your item is desirable, you will probably get some nibbles.