I need help: Large Zoe or Editorial?!

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  1. I am absolutely lusting after the black Zoe, but I can't decide whether to just get the Large, or go really big with the Editorial. I love large bags, and am currently using and loving my Large Leah tote. Any advice is greatly appreciated!:heart:
  2. i just went through this. all i can say is that for me the large is perfect and the editorial was just too big. i typically carry a large leather sabrina for comparison and this has at least as much room i think. i am average size. it all depends on the look you are going for but i found the large to be a really good size. hope this helps!
  3. When you take the stuffing out the Editorial Zoe slouches nicely - I was worried about it being too big but I like to have the extra room in case I need to carry more - and it looks very fashionable -I also think a large bag makes the carrier look slimmer - my butt disappears behind it - he he
  4. For me, I thought the Editorial was almost comically large when I saw it at the outlet. It's HUUUUUGE! But that's just me. Obviously some gals love 'em.
  5. I'm using my editorial now, when I first saw it I thought it was freakin HUGE! Then I saw a gal carrying it around the store without the stuffing in it, and it looked fabulous. Today when I went to get my car serviced my magazine, water bottle, and mp3 player all fit in very nicely amongst all my other stuff.
  6. I think it depends on how much you carry around. I dont carry nearly enough to have either so I think theyd look silly on me.
  7. At these LOW prices, get them both! :tup:
  8. Editorial ALL THE WAY! You can't beat the slouch.
  9. I totally second this! It does slim you down.:lol:
  10. Lmao!!! I want a large too but I wonder if it would look good on my 5' frame. My problem is that I want to show the little ass I have :shame:

  11. I agree!
  12. How much is the editorial going for right now with discounts???
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    ^^Not sure about the price of the Editorial, I know the large is like $145 with the 20% coupon.

    :lol: I knew there was a reason I love this bag so much, (aside from its heartstopping beauty, of course). It DOES slim me down a bit, I hadn't noticed that before!

    I agree with Restore 724 to get one in each size if you can afford it. The Editorial is definitely bigger than I need, and probably won't be an everyday bag for me. But it will be great for days when I need to carry a little more (or...hide my butt :lol: ) The large though is IMO the perfect size for everyday. I have the editorial and I'm on a mad hunt for 2 more Zoes in the large size. If you can only get one though, I still recommend the Editorial. Well, unless you're really petite and it's overwhelming. But the editorial is so classy and really makes a statement. And I agree the slouch is pretty fabulous. It also has extra pockets that the large doesn't have, which is cool. Also, I don't think the Editorial is all that heavy. I mean it's not light, but it's not nearly as heavy or bulky as I expected. Are you close enough to an outlet that you could go and try on one of each size and then decide?
  14. I vote for Editorial. It's unique and you won't see yourself coming and going... When you take the stuffing out it has such a nice slouch. It hugs your body and doens't appear HUGE.

    I have the metallic bronze and it's thinner than the regular leather. The slouch is divine!
  15. I think the Editorial is a fun bag to carry around. I've been carrying my Large Zoes lately that when I tried the XL Zoe (the very first Zoe I've bought) I broke out laughing. It looked so ridiculously huge in comparison. I love it because it's just a happy bag. Personally, if you were to just choose one or the other, the Large is a perfect size everyday bag. If you want to be fun and make a statement, I'd say go for the XL. Personally, my collection would feel incomplete without the XL.