I need help ladies.... what bag(s) to pack for Puerto Rico

  1. Okay,

    For the holiday weekend we are taking a ladies trip to San Juan. A little beach time, reading time poolside, walking through the rainforest, dinner, possibly dancing if my sister can drag me to a club, and of course shopping.

    I was trying to pick just one bag, but I think I will need to take a regular bag and then a swingpack/crossbody for the tons of walking my mom is sure to make us do. I have to pack my computer, can't decide on the sony or samsung, and then the essentials that any woman carries in a bag. Price is kind of an issue since I don't want to leave my XL Lily in the hotel for someone to steal. Last, it is suppose to rain at least a little everyday.

    What bag should I take or what would you take?
  2. List all the bags you have that you think you want to bring along and we would vote ;):graucho:
  3. LOL... I would need to actually list choice huh!
  4. Okay...

    I am thinking of ....

    Bleecker Black Shopper
    LV Damier Speedy 30
    Tattersall Travel Tote
    Large Chocolate SIgnature Duffle
    A Felicia
    A Medium Lily

    For any of you that have seen any of my other bags (they are posted in my collection link below) anything else I should consider?

    *** OOOHHH just thought of perhaps the perfect bag, Black Penelope?
  5. I'd say the duffle (since you can wear it crossbody, it's great for travel), and one of your travel totes. I would be afraid to take a bag so obviously expensive (like your LVs) on vacation.
  6. Maybe the shopper or the duffle.. (based on the price factor and convenient)
  7. none?
  8. I agree, shopper or the duffle.
  9. Travel tote and duffle...