I need help ladies! Quick.

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  1. Ok I bought the silver gray Hailey. I also like the pink op art Hailey and the green pat leather Hailey and I can't decide between green jade or pink. I'd post pic but I'm using my phone while I eat and make up my mind. Thanks for any help! Also what colors would I wear to carry the jade?
  2. I have the raspberry Op Art Hailey, and LOVE her to death. She's easy to keep clean and maintain, she goes with a lot of stuff, and is just adorable. I love the jade patent, too, but I like my Raspberry Op Art better.

    Also, the jade will match lots of clothing colors, maybe more so than the raspberry. It's a difficult decision - good luck! :biggrin:
  3. Think of your wardrobe!!! What's going to be better received and better put to use???

    Both are fabulous spring bags, you just need to decide which one matches your style and personality better!!!

    I knew I needed a HOT pink bag and was dead SET on the Madison magenta leather!!! I just feel that it woyuld fit into my wardrobe best and fits my personality!!!
  4. LOVE my jade hailey. Im bias cuz i dont do siggy. Only a couple of m little things are siggy but no bags.
  5. The jade Hailey. Saw her at the outlet yesterday. It was 30% off and the SA's were giving a 20% coupon at the door.
  6. Jade Hailey! She's BEAUTIFUL!!!
  7. Jade Hailey definitely!
  8. As soon as I get home I'll post pics! Thanks ladies.
  9. I bought my Jade Hailey with a PCE back in the all and I always get compliments on the color. Since it's at the outlets now, that'd be a great steal. I'm also bias b/c I like the patent's structured material over the fabric.
  10. Love the Jade but also want the patent Raspberry so sorry I'm not much help.
  11. Jade Hailey.. wear it with anything to add a pop of color:biggrin:
  12. jade hailey I have her and she rocks