I need HELP Ladies!!! Please!

  1. My Legacy signature shoulder zip bag had to be exchanged for a new one because there was glue on the lining inside from the manufactures.

    I just got my replacement bag it had to be shipped from the Coach warehouse. I think the lining on the bottom is wrong/defective. :crybaby:

    Anyone who has the Legacy shoulder zip bag could you please please take a pic of the inside of it for me. I would really appreciate it.
  2. what's wrong with it? do you have a pic?

    (my shoulder bag is being repaired right now, can't take pics).
  3. [​IMG]

    what's wrong with yours?
  4. Hey -my shoulder bag is being repaired too!!! The leather loop on the zipper half broke off!
  5. Anyone????
  6. i would send it back and demand a new one...
  7. I don't think that's defective, we've seen stripes vertical across the bottom, lke the sides, or horizontal, opposite the sides. I think they just do it diff on each one.
  8. wait wait wait. my pics are of the shoulder TOTE! the shoulder zip is a little thinner at the bottom adn that may be how it is. call coach and ask them
  9. Just got the zip shoulder in natural. Will post pics shortly.
  10. Here's the inside of my pond bag:


    ETA: D'oh!! Mine is the shoulder bag too, not the shoulder zip. Are they supposed to look the same inside?
  11. yours is like mine, the one with two pockets on the front, right? hers is the flap one, with just one pocket on the front
  12. Here's the inside of my bag. Hope this helps.



  13. or wait, am I wrong?

    silversea, which bag do you have?
  14. either way, I would just call Coach's 888 number and ask them, they are great! just have your purse there because they'll want the number