I need help!!! Is this practical??? Also...

  1. Do you think the jumbo classic is practical for someone with a small child? i have one i have not worn yet and am now thinking twice. I love this bag! Also, are the old chains on the large/med just as popular as the new chains?Are the new totes/handbags that come out during trunk shows considered "timeless?"
  2. Why do you think having a small child makes it impractical? If it's because you need both hands free for the child, that makes sense. But you could save the jumbo for special moments until your lil one is bigger! I love the old chain and if chanel keeps using the new chains, the old ones will become very desirable!
  3. some totes are considered timeless, others are just considered classic and a few aren't considered either by most of us.
    totes are much more practical for me as a mother of small children.
  4. i guess because i am still carrying diapers, etc. however, i loved the bag and though it was now or never...
  5. ^^ If it's now or never, then you should get it.

    However, you may not reach for it on a daily basis. It isn't practical enough and it's too special. But it's wonderful to have on special occasions or when you get to run out without the kids.
  6. I have a jumbo, and have 3 small children...is practical for me:smile:
  7. Kids don't stay little forever. I used a jumbo when my kid was young (although it's a rare black rubber one). I also had a larger bag just or diapers, bottles, etc. When the child is grown, you'll still have your bag, unless you sell it.
  8. I agree, if it's now or never, get it. I know I rely on totes for easy access to baby necessities, but when I go out once a week I always carry a different bag- one that I love but wouldn't be practical every other day. I know eventually I will be able to move beyond practical easy access bags and see bags like the flap as a good investment because they are timeless and will look good no matter how old I am or what I'm wearing/doing. If you want even more practicality out of the jumbo, go for caviar and it's pretty much worry free!
  9. If it's now or never and you love the bag, get it.
    I love the ease of a tote and I carried one every day for about a year and a half, but now that my son is a toddler and requires a lot less, I find that my tote stays in the closet and my actual handbags finally get to see daylight again.