I need help in picking a Speedy please!

  1. Hello!
    I am buying a Speedy 30 soon and I simply cannot decide between the Damier original and the Damier Azur.. or even the Monogram for that matter. I am looking for some logic and I want to ultimately make a good choice so I will keep it for a very long time. Suggestions? Advice? Please please help!! :shrugs:
  2. Is this your first LV? You can't go wrong w/any of these bags, but I would think that if this is your first LV you should get either the mono or damier ebene Speedy 30. Both classics.
  3. hmm...WELL the BEST choice of course is monogram imo as to me, mono will always be popular and is such a classic. but that can be said for all the others you are considering, ie: damier and azur. I love the azur for spring/summer but I find it clashes with a lot of dark clothing in the winter. For me, i would get the damier speedy because it has a high resell value, is a classic, LOVE the yummy red alcantra lining and because there is no valchetta to worry about :biggrin: haha I don't have anything damier but the line has always made my heart flutter! Go for damier!
  4. I have a Mono Speedy and I love it. My vote is for the Mono.
  5. I love having a bag-addiction support group :p
    So, this is my first LV technically because I carried around my sister's Speedy 25 for a short while until she wanted it back. Her's was the Damier and I loved the red interior. However, I also love how everyone's Monogram leather turns dark and it looks so pretty. Damier or Mono then...
  6. If its your first LV, I would vote for the Mono as it is a classic! :tup:
  7. Get the mother of all classic pieces first (lol) --- monogram Speedy 30. You'll definitely be keeping it for a long long time! Good luck with your choice!
  8. Monogram is a GREAT first speedy. I just got Damier in 30 though, and I love it too!
  9. Hi BC1000! The great news is you really CAN'T go wrong with either a mono or damier Speedy. I have a mono 25 and I love it but now I really wish I had gotten the 30 instead.

    In any event...as others have posted the damier doesn't have any vachetta to worry about and the lining is TDF. And it's a little more understated perhaps, as the damier doesn't "announce" LV like LV mono does.

    But if that's not an issue for you, get the mono speedy! That's my vote, for the record.
  10. My vote goes to get the MONO Speedy for your 1st LV .... its a classic.
  11. Agree that mono is a classic, but honestly it's also the one you see on the most other women. That's why I recommend damier - it's still VERY classic but a little less commonly-occurring (at least where I live).
  12. here is my ranking: 1) mono, 2) damier ebene, 3) damier azur

    mono is the most classic of the three choices -- i love my mono speedy 30 (i attached a pic to support my case, hehe). my vachetta is all patina'd and so lovely too. i think that either damier would be great for a second bag later ... either ebene or azur depending on if you want something lighter or darker. best of luck on your choice!!
  13. Since you seem to love how the vachetta eventually patinas then the mono sound perfect for your first LV. The damier is great too, perfect for all weather kinds and worry free handles!
  14. Oh thank you all so much for responding!!
    I do want to know though, is Vachetta a bad thing, at the risk of sounding very dumb? Does the leather stand to get more easily ruined?
    Thank you thank you!! :smile:
  15. Definatly Speedy 30 in monogram canvas! Always a classic!