I need help in deciding...

  1. I can't decide which bag to get. I want a bag that can be used for work as well as for weekends. I don't carry much things in it..just a purse, mobile and maybe a bottle of water. I'm torn between the Hampstead PM or MM, the Saleya PM and the Bagtignolles vertical. What would you ladies suggest?
  2. I would go with either the Saleya if you want either Azur or Damier since it has a zipper and the Hampstead does not. And I would go with the BV if you perfer mono.
  3. Out of those 3, I'd going with the Saleya. I work in NY. I don't like to carry bags that don't have zippers when I'm in the city. But based strictly on style, my pick would be the Bagtignolles
  4. Right now, I'm really liking the look the the hampstead. I sort of prefer bags that don't have zippers too.
  5. Saleya PM:yes:
  6. I like the look of Hampstead PM
  7. OOOH all good choices. I really want the hampstead MM!
  8. I'd say the Hamstead MM. I tried this bag on and fell in lvoe with it.
  9. I have the Batignolles vertical. It may be a bit big for what you carry. I find it just a bit bulky for weekend use. How about poppincourt haut? It's a smaller bag with a zipper top.

    Otherwise hampstead mm looks good.
  10. Thanks for the replies ladies...it's so hard to chose when there are so many great bags:p I tried the Hampstead MM, Saleya PM as well as the BV and I really like them. Have not seen the Hampstead PM yet but was thinking that might be a better size for what I carry. I had a look at the Poppincourt haut but it looked a bit small on me. Aaaarrrgggg........I'm soooo torn.....
  11. I'll get a Saleya Pm among your choices :biggrin:
  12. Saleya PM would be a good choice --- I like zippered tops better, though. Good luck with your decision!!
  13. I say the Hampstead or Batignolles... now you just have to decide on mono or damier. I say go for the damier, although the BV is nearly half the cost...
  14. saleya or bv!!!!!!!
  15. saleya!