I need help immediately!!! Should I get...

  1. the Tulum GM or Croissant GM? I'm having a real hard time deciding between the two, can you guys be of any assistance? TIA! :yes:
  2. This is a though question...

    I would choose... the Tulum GM. :biggrin:
  3. Hmm..out of those two I say the tulum. It has a unique look.
  4. i think tulum....
  5. definetely tulum
  6. Tulum because it has extra pocket plus I love the turn lock closure..
  7. Tulum
  8. Yay, TULUM!
  9. Croissant maybe
  10. croissant. the tulum is so ehh
  11. :confused1:
  12. tulum
  13. Croissant GM!;)
  14. Croissant!!!:yes:
  15. I like the Croissant. :yes: