I Need Help IDing this Bag

  1. At work today I was in the upstairs office and out the window I saw a woman getting into her car. She was carrying a FIERCE bag that was so pretty, I tried opening the window to call to her but couldnt get it unlocked fast enough. I obviously dont have a picture either, but Im hoping someone will know it from my description. I got the impression from the way she was dressed (burberry quilted coat, TR jeans, UGG boots) that she is a trend-watcher as most moms are in this town.

    The bag was a black medium satchel type bag, looked firm as opposed to being pliable, but again, this was from 2 stories up. It was either quilted or had a quilt stitching and the leather was matte, not shiny or patent. It had beige handles not long enough for tossing over your shoulder, looked to be a good fit over the elbow. The most noticable part was that the bag was covered in gold hardware on all the edges, corners, what looked like grommets, etc. and it had a pretty decent sized nameplate on the front that was gold and black but I couldnt read it from a distance.

    Any ideas?

    Also, I wanted to know if theres some reason my threads are getting bypassed? I posted two recently and one got one response, the other got zero.
  2. Did it look anything like this Versace?

  3. It looked very similar but I know it didnt have a pocket on the side and the handles werent braided, just plain leather. This one is nice though!
  4. A Gucci handbag perhaps?
  5. ^^^^ Definiteyl not that, but Im wondering if its possibly a different style/print or something of that first bag. Hopefully she will park across from here again!