I need help Identifying this bag!

  1. have you guys ever seen this style? What do you guys think? and is there a reference link regarding this bag? And is this bag even real? :shame:

  2. Anyone!!!!
  3. Post it in the authentication forum under Chanel Shopping
  4. I really need help in identifying this bag aswell! I walked passed the Melbourne Chanel Boutique today and I saw it in the window display. Anyone know what the name of the bag is?

    If you look closely in my first picture with Lindsay Lohan. The man assisting her is holding the bag!

    Please help!
    lindsay-lohan-goes-shopping-for-chanel-purses.jpg 1fe0_1.jpg 5af7_1.jpg
  5. it's from the Brooklyn collection last year.
  6. This is the new Modern Chain from the Spring 08 collection.
  7. that looks like from the brooklyn collection.
    not sure about that style if it's exist or not though
  8. I saw that style with additional silver handles (i guess if you wanted to hold it by hand?) at my local boutique this week. It's gorgeous in real life.
  9. It is the new modern chain east/west with resin handles. Also, comes in white. On the shelves now.