I need help identifying a purse please

  1. My wife wants me to help her eBay a few of her items as well as mine. Been putting off cleaning out the closets for some time now. She bought this purse about 2-3 years ago. She can't remember what it is called. She knows its a black epi but can't remember the exact name.

    general discription, there is no zipper on top. Its a magnetic button style buckle that comes over through that loop. Small LV monogram on the lower right.

    if you need additional photos let me know.

    thank you

  2. thank you, it is very real. My wife has probably 20 or so handbag/purses and desperatly needs to start letting some of them go if she wants new ones.
  3. Oh I'm so sorry I've read too fast :sweatdrop: !!! I thought that you wanted to authenticate it, sorry :sweatdrop: !!! I don't know the name but wait someone will know it soon !!!
  4. Oh I know it now it's called the Rêverie.