I need help identifying a Chanel bag!

  1. Hello my fellow Chanel addicts! I saw a picture of a bag in a Neimans catalog (catalog ID ACS07, item number 50--on the cover is a blond model with two Prada sandals) with only this description: "Leather zip top bowler with signature quilting and silvertone CC charm detail. Specify Ivory or Black. Made in Italy. 50 Bowler. 1895.00"

    When I called to order it, I was given its measurements but no one (even after calling several boutiques and department stores) had this bag or could tell me how light the color ivory is. I would just like to know what ivory really looks like in person so I can decide to get it in ivory or black. The picture in the catalog looks pretty light and I'm afraid it might be more like white in person. If any of you have seen or own this bag, kindly give me some advice! Would also like to know if the straps are indeed long enough to go over the shoulder (the person at NM online said the strap measurement was 20"). Thanks very much for any help you can give me!