I need help I want more bags!

  1. Within the last month I got 2 new Balenciaga bags. One is Maroon in color and I got the Black bag with the new gold hardware. Not to mention I also bought a hot Miu Miu patent leather tote. I want to buy more Balenciagas... HELP! I'm gonna go to the poor house but I'm obbessed!:confused1:
  2. LOL! I just bough two balenciaga bags in the last month as well. But One was a steal, and the other I sold a lot of accessories for. But now I'm done! seriously don't let me buy any more!
  3. I know what you mean........I'm having a hard time making my first purchase because I want them all!!!! How can I decide on one bag when they're all gorgeous!!!
  4. I know what your mean Cracker.... Its just so hard! It's not like if you buy one its enough.... you just want more and more and more. The worst part about it is that alot of people don't even know what they are.
    Aarti... what colors and styles did you buy???? How did you get one as a steal?
  5. I'm with you all. One Bbag is not enough!!

    This is the most addicting experience I've ever had!! Didn't happen to me with LV. I only buy LV twice a year, no uncontrollable urge to hoard!!

    But BBAG- Its a NEW HIGH!! Just when you think you are done buying for good- there it goes again- another color comes up!! And you think about it day n night....its difficult reigning in these urges of mine.
  6. I hear ya!

    I'm feeling the pain right now, but I'm taking steps! I've taken my name off the list for one bag this season, but will still get an Anthracity. I've cancelled some social plans that were pricey, I'm not going to eat out or shop for ANYTHING for a while, etc.

    The bags are beautiful to have, but it's important to keep everything in balance. Remember, every season there are going to be one or two colors you're going to want desperately -- so there will be plenty of time to buy in the future if you pass on one now.

  7. I know........I have a chloe paddy and I get compliments on it all the time but nobody knows what it is! It'll be the same with the Bbag I'm sure but I don't care. I'm not buying for anyone else but me:p
  8. I like that people don't know what they are. They're the best kept secret!
  9. I bought a new grey first for almost half off, and I have an ink day on my way! I really want a small coin purse and the money wallet!
  10. it's the bbag bug... hehehe..

    i know what you mean, first started i wanted every BAG!!!.. now.. i still do but i'm controlling myself hahaha
  11. me toooo :crybaby:
  12. It's hard to stop at one. They are all so beautiful and I'd love to have them all!!! But I can't afford to have them all. My goal is to stop when i get to 4 or 5. My next purchase is either the cornflower or black twiggy, unless I find a lilac bag, but that blueberry hobo is sooo nice and the rouille is unique...oh forget it!! There's no hope for me!
  13. That's what I tell myself too, to stop when I hit 5 but there are just so many beautiful B-bags!! :crybaby:
  14. Totally agreed!

    If I was wearing something to be "noticed" I would go for a LV Speedy or something that is easily recognizable... (nothing against LV by the way:shame:smile:

    IMO Balenciaga is one of the few designer brands where you "get what you pay for" when it comes to bags.

    Off the top of my head I cant even think of another designer bag that has leather with as much character, smooshyness, attitude and practicality of a Balenciaga...

    I've found those who "know" a Balenciaga are avid lovers of the bags themselves!
  15. i feel the pain. all i wanted was one balenciaga in black, i wound up with ink, found these forums, and the addiction started. Another bag was purchased, then my coin purse, then my wallet, and then i realized i couldnt afford it all so i had to sell my second messenger on eBay :crybaby:

    i still want more balenciagas, but due to some financial concerns, ive put myself on some SERIOUS bag control (See signature!). Because although i love bbags, ive still ventured into other designers, and those purchases have added up as well. i just need to stop for now.

    who knows, by time my purse ban is over, i might be able to get the colors i want for much cheaper on eBay than if id buy them now, or there will be a TDF fall 07 color ill be able to get that i would have missed out on if i bought a bag this season!

    good luck on the addiction, it is indeed hard to control!