I need help! I purchased an azur speedy 30 (r/o)

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  1. in March and still have not used it once. I think it's because I don't want to damage it (stain the azur canvas or darken the vachetta to an ugly color). This is so stupid and I am angry with myself!
  2. USE IT!!!!! That is why you bought it.
  3. Use it and enjoy. I have recently said to myself that I have been foolish to be saving my bags and only taking them out on weekends. I love using my LV's, and I am now using them regularly. I do tend to save my Popincourt Haut and my Cabas Piano for weekends, but I carry my speedies, petit bucket and batignolles horizontal regularly now. I have only 1 Damier bag, (speedy ebene 30) and that is pretty much my inclement weather bag, so while the sun is shining this summer, I'm using my mono (vachetta) bags and enjoying them. You should too!!!
  4. I baby my bag a lot with my azur totally cuz i dun like the patina on azur and afraid of dirty it as well...but i have been carried her more than 10 times now since I got it...still look like new! SO...use it!!! Just becareful... she deserves to be out in the sun! ;)
  5. use it
    u bought it for a reason just be careful with it
  6. just use it!
  7. i have the same one but larger in my photo..its been over 2 years and i wear it alot..it looks great still. i love the look of it more now that its used up. hope u do use it, you will really feel better about taking it out.
  8. Just treat the vachetta with leather protector so it stays clean and keep it out of direct sunlight. It will be fine.

    The damier azur is a wonderful pattern and you don't realize just how beautiful and subtle it is until you start using the bag. I love mine. It is a great summer bag.
  9. I have a Azur Berkeley and Galliera Gm and I am always nervous when I use them but I love them the Azur is so pretty. Just be carefull and use it you will love it to:smile:
  10. if you don't use it- LOSE IT!
  11. Use your bag. Or buy another brand that you can use. If you ruin it after a year or 2 buy another one!!!! I dont understand this thinking. I use my bags all of the time. I just rotate a lot.
  12. If you don't use it, let it go to someone who will. There's nothing sadder than a pretty unused bag!
  13. this is such a pretty bag. you should use it every day or you can hand it over to me ;)
  14. Use it!! I used to do the same thing until I had to ask myself why?! Plus my daughter talked sense into me (Thanks Katie!);)
  15. definitely use it...once you start using the bag, you'll be less concerned... when I got my bag, I was the same way...
    to be honest, I just carried it around the house for couple of days before I was ready to take it outside... he he he...go ahead it enjoy your beautiful bag... get your money's worth...:tup: