I need help!!! I need to make a desicion!

  1. Ok, I got my new chocolate/bronze baby bag in today and I am wondering if I should return it and get the khaki one just like it. I am worried the bronze stripe won't be neutral enough to wear with everything... am I crazy? Does this go with everything? This is my first time with metallics... Will the bronze rub off the handles and zipper pulls??

    I love the size of the bag though... I should have got one of these 2 years ago!!
    IMG_0408.JPG IMG_0409.JPG IMG_0410.JPG
  2. Oh no! That bag is TDF!!!! I think it's perfect to go w/ anything! Bronze goes w/ both black and brown. I think you will be okay!
  3. Cute bag...I love the color. Not sure about the bronze rubbing off though.
  4. No Don't take it back....I LOVE BRONZE!!!!!
    that or the black/gunmetal look the best, I wouldn't trade for the khaki.
  5. personally i prefer the bronze myself, but i think you should ultimately be happy. if khaki makes you happy, then go for khaki
  6. It's gorgeous! Ive never had any problems with the metallics rubbing or flaking.

    If you ever get bored...:p .... modeling pics would be great. Ive always been curious about this size.
  7. I prefer the bronze over the khaki. I really prefer leather so for the most part I like signature that is more subtle, which the chocolate sig on this bag is.
  8. I prefer the bronze to the khaki. Definitely keep the bronze.
  9. I concur with everyone else who said bronze over khaki! :love:
  10. I vote for bronze over khaki, too. But of course, it's gotta be what YOU love!
  11. I agree that the Bronze is much prettier than the khaki! I want to be able to use this bag year round.. in the summer I always want a light color.. maybe I should get 2!! Gosh, I'm terrible :p Keep the opinions coming!!

    I will take a modeling pic later when I am dressed.. YES, It's 3:18 and I am not dressed, :roflmfao: ( Hey I didn't have anywhere to go today!)
  12. I think the color does go with everything, this one is SO gorgeous, definitely keep it!
  13. I love the bronze!! Keep it!!
  14. BRONZE!!!!!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
  15. Been there done that in the past...now sometimes on the weekends. Jamjams all day :tup: