I need help!!! I have to stop!!!!

  1. Here is my my newest baby I just bought today.

    Here is what I have bought this month

    Here are my new babies with a few of their siblings

    I also have a Princy hobo in black Guccissima leather on its way.

    I realllllllly have to stop but it is just so much fun :yahoo: :yes: .
    I now have 1 tan canvas with white trim, 1 tan canvas with brown trim, 1 pink canvas and a black, brown and white Guccissima leather.
  2. ooh they are gorgeous Congrats!!
  3. Great collection!!! I especially love your totes...:drool:
  4. You hav made me want a brown guccissima leather. i really want the agenda :love:
  5. Nice! Love them all :smile:
  6. Wow!!! That's fantastic. I really like that white guccissima. Congrats.
  7. oohh, Love them all!!!
  8. great collection!!! especially love the guccissima's! looove them!
  9. Very nice!!!

  10. Congrats! Lovely additions to the collection!
  11. I LOVE the pink one :drool:

  12. holy crap, that bag is AMAZING in the off-white guccissima. Ive never seen it in that leather before. Thumbs up to that purchase!

    I love all your bags, the pink tote with the white leather trim.....and the bag with the red/green gucci ribbon handles.
  13. congrats!
  14. I want your tan w/ white trim - such a great collection!
  15. i love every one of them!!!