I need help...I have the itch!

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  1. I have the following in my collection

    Speedy 30 De
    NF GM De
    NF GM Da
    Speedy B 35 DA
    Noe bb DA
    Emp Artsy infini

    DA cles
    Vernis Cles
    Josephine wallet DA
    DA 6 key holder
    DA mini pochette

    My favourites are my NF de and my artsy, however...

    Most days when I am just running about doing errands I carry only my key holder and put my cards and cash in the little slot behind. I find I don't enjoy carrying a bag all of the time but am feeling the itch to add something small.

    I did think of the zippy compact but it prob won't fit in my pocket, I haven't made a purchase in 8 months and I have the urge but something I can use!

    Any suggestions or shall I just stay with what I have?
  2. A Zippy coin purse maybe? Belt or scarf?
  3. How about Eva? Can also fit in your Artsy or Neverfull.
  4. Most of the time you don't carry a handbag or a wallet. Since most of the time you carry the cles, how about another cles? At least you'll know it'll be put to good use?
  5. I don't think you should buy something for the sake of buying it... Wait until you find something that will be useful and beneficial :smile:
  6. I think I might get a key chain so I can put my key fob on it and my house keys inside my key pouch.

    Love the scarf idea too..I think at some point I may sell my LV collection I just don't use them enough and I don't like the thought of them going to waste!!

    *Not trying to sell here!*
  7. Eva would be nice since it is hands free and allows you more space.
  8. You may need mini pochette. Does your key cle not doing the job that you need? I use my key cle all the time when I just need to run the errands, I put my license, 1 credit card and cash, the key holder hook up with my car key and I am ready to run.
  9. I also have strap for my mini pochette so I can wear crossbody.

  10. I have a mini Pochette, I was just considering getting a longer strap so I can wear it cross body.
  11. +1
  12. + 1, wait till you find something you really want. Or you will just end up with another bag/item that you don't use

  13. You should do it. It is really convenience and you can put your cell phone in there too.
  14. perhaps a favorite?
  15. I did think about a favorite, I'm going to look next week but I think I'm going to get something for dh instead :smile: