I need help! I can't decide which to get?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am in desperate need of help. I've decided that I love both Amarante and Pomme, and I want one of each color. I've decided on the Houston and Roxbury to be the two styles. Which combination would you get? Pomme Houston & Amarante Rox? Or Amarante Houston & Pomme Rox? I currently have the Amarante Houston and the Pomme Rox is coming, but I originally wanted the Houston in Pomme before the Amarante came out. Please help. I need to make a decision this morning!

  2. I think you should go for the pomme rox and the amarante houston
  3. That's the combo that I have right now, but I am concerned about the fingerprint situation on the Houston. Every time I touch it, I leave fingerprint smudges! But I know that everyone loves the Rox in Pomme. Has anyone seen a Rox in Amarante IRL? How does that compare to the Rox in Pomme? I would have one of each in each color if I could afford it!
  4. I got the rox in Amarante.. I love it.. It is weird to me that some of the pieces tends to be more easily fingerprinted then others.. I dont really know why .. may be the coating..
    I would recommend pomme rox and amarante houston cos pomme is too bright for houston is my opinion !!
  5. That's really good feedback, thank you! I saw the Pomme Houston in the store a month back and fell in love with it, but it hasn't been on Elux until today! I have it on hold in my shopping bag until I make my decision. Amarante is such a rich color. Have you had problems with fingerprints? Did LV supply you with a buff cloth? My Amarante Houston didn't come with one.
  6. I think Rox amarante looks great! But I don`t really like Houston so I can`t give any advice on that! ;)
  7. Amarante Houston & Pomme Rox is my vote. The Pomme is so sassy, perfect for the Roxbury. Be sure to let us know what you decide.
  8. Thanks for your feedback. So if you could pick two vernis purses, one in Pomme and one in Amarante, which would you pick?
  9. Pomme Rox and Amarante Sunset. I have Pomme Rox and eyeing on Amarante Sunset. So it is just me...
  10. Pomme Rox....love my bag, it is SASSY!
  11. Wow, it seems like the overwheliming majority says to go w/ the Pomme Rox and Amarante Houston combo. That's awesome because that's exactly what I have coming (that is if Elux ever decides to ship it!). Just to throw a wrench in the equation, here's another question:

    Amarante Houston or Reade PM???
  12. Wow robbins65, you have quite a collection there! Do you have a bigger picture that you could post? I'd love to see what you have!
  13. pomme roxbury
    amarante houston

    the pr combo suits the colors' playful style
    the ah combo suits the serious nature of both of their color and style
  14. I like your interpretation of color and style! I think i'ts a go! I'll stick with my current color combo! Thanks to everyone who replied!
  15. I have Pomme Rox and Amarante Reade...but when I saw the Amarante Houston at the Boutique I also fell in love with it..just couldn't justify the price of it since I've been outa control with bags lately. I think the Houston in Amarante is a beautiful, class bag. Can't wait to see pics!