I need help! I bought a fake from ebay...now what?

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  1. What do I do? File with paypal? Contact the seller first? What?! I'm scared because if I tell her first, what happens if she closes her paypal account? Then there's no way I can get my money back :sad:
    Help!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!
  2. Did she state the item was authentic in the listing, or give any kind of return policy? Did you ask before you bid if she guaranteed the item as an authentic item? I think you have recourse if those things were clear.
  3. Ohno - this is not your new bag is it?
  4. I have given all of the above information on this bag to ensure you that this bag is absolutely authentic, I do not buy & therefore will never sell fakes, it is 100% authentic, guaranteed or I will give a full refund.

    Took that from her listing
  5. Secret_Shopaholic, yes :sad: Its the new venetia i got this morning :sad:
  6. Email her and tell her you are sending it back special delivery and you want a refund or else you are opening a claim against her
  7. I think the next step is to open a SNAD claim based on the words from her advertisement and your evidence that you believe the bag to be a fake. You can contact her, but I suspect she may not be receptive. . . alas. Why do you suspect the bag is a fake? Paypal/eBay will need to know. . .
  8. The zipper head is the wrong shape (its pointed, but it's supposed to be round)
  9. Don't send the bag back until PayPal tells you to, in case you need to have it authenticated or need to provide photos of some detail. File a dispute to PayPal, then escalate it to a claim. Communicate with your seller through the PayPal Claim process only. PayPal will freeze funds in her account if they are there.
  10. I would file a claim with PayPal FIRST before contacting the seller. Especially if you are SURE it's fake. No need to give her a heads up. After filing the claim with PayPal email the seller and tell her you are shipping back the FAKE bag and that you want her to refund your money when she receives it.

    I would also call your credit card company and start a claim with them. You need to cover all of your basis at once, not one at a time.

    When you ship the bag back make sure to include signature confirmation, or return receipt or some other type of shipping that allows you to get a copy of the signature of the seller. You will need this for Paypal. I recommend signature confirmation because it will also track online and you can give that number to PayPal right away.:yes:
  11. I just received, what I believe, but will later validate w/ tPF'ers, a fake MJ bag...how long do I have - I just picked up the bag yesterday and have a bad feelin about it?
  12. How long do you have with eBay or PayPal? I think 30 days from receipt of the item.
  13. Please email me the item number.
    I can help you.
    I have experience w/ alleged scammers.