I need help! I am worrying if I make the right choice.

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  1. I went to the Boston store this afternoon and got those items. I am a little worry now since they don't have the tote in stock. They ordered it for me and I will pick them up next Tuesday.

  2. YOU MADE A GREAT CHOICE!! these 2 pieces are SO CUTE!! i bet you like pink.. :smile: For me, I would NEVER have bought them because I HATE PINK...but if the trim were turquoice or green, I would've taken the plunge like you did -- you shouldn't fret! I'm 100% the bag will look beautiful on you!! Congrats and remember to show us pictures!
  3. it's very cute...but u got them onsale right??? was not clear with ur post!!! :smile:

    how much did u pay for it if you dont mind me asking!!!

  4. Thanks for both of your replies.

    Tote - $499
    Wallet - $199
  5. love both....did they have them in other colours?
  7. mannn its so cute congrats!!! thats an awesome price
  8. I agree, both purchases are SO CUTE!!
    I love the bag!! congrats!!
  9. I have the rose trim messenger, and love it! You'll love them too.
  10. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE that tote!!!!!!

    Congrats!Thats the JOLI COUER tote......i so want that color!
  11. I love your tote bag! I love pink! :yahoo:
  12. I'm not very fond of the pink. That's just me though. If you like it, then congrats.
  13. I think these two are super cute together!! super casual on a summer's day!
  14. congrats. I have the same bag but with white trim. I love it. Are all the jolicoeurs on sale?
  15. Thanks Ladies.

    Pink is my favorite color.

    I am wearing pink today. Too bad I can pick up my bag until next Tuesday. :sad:
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