I need help from Western Leather Ballerina Flats owners!!!

  1. Hello, I need help from those who own a pair of the Western Leather Ballerina Flats. I got a pair of those in gold about 2 weeks ago http://forum.purseblog.com/dior/my-1st-post-dior-forum-i-love-my-94354.html, wore them a couple of times, but the elastic is hurting my feet after a long day (mainly the heel and the elastic right above the bone of my big toe)!! I normally wear a size 7, but since the shoes run a little smaller I got a 7.5. I took them to a shoe repair shop to get stretched last Friday, but when I got them back on Sat there wasn't much different so I took them back to the shoe repair store today and have them stretch it more....the guy there said they cannot stretch the elastic, only the leather, to make the toe area a little bit wider and make the shoe itself longer, so hopefully it would help......

    So those who own this pair, do you have the same problem with the elastic? Does the elastic hurt coz it's too tight? What do you do to loosen the elastic??

    I am so pissed coz I cannot return the shoes anymore (I have wore them a couple of times already, and past the 10 day return period). The shoes look really cute, but I need to do something to make them more comfortable. They felt ok when I tried them at the boutique, but wonder if that's b/c I tried them earlier in the day so my feet were not at their biggest size....and they aren't cheap so I don't want to just leave them in the box coz they hurt my feet....:hysteric: Help!!
  2. so sorry to hear of this. Can I suggest wearing them around the house with a sock to help stretch out and relax the elastic?

    Hopefully this could help.
  3. :sad: i'm so sorry to hear that! i don't own any dior shoes, but perhaps you might want to wear them with stockings - well those coloured ones that all are the rage right now at least?

    and i agree with Loganz, try wearing them around the house to stretch them out. or if you can find someone at home who's a shoe size bigger, forcibly make them wear it around the house for a day, it'd definitely stretch the shoe out (my mom's a size bigger than me and she wore this pair of ballet flats i had around the house for a day... after that, those flats went from tight-fitting on my feet to loosey goosey).
  4. uh-oh... i just got a pair today at the Saks gc event. i tried on the 5.5 and 6 and opted for the 6 even though both fit fine. hopefully that will help.
  5. Yeah I had this problem the first few times I wore them. Until I "broke them in". Give your achilles a little time to heal in between wearings and it will all work out.
  6. i took mine back to the shoe repair store to stretch it more, now they feel better now, but my left foot definitely feels better than my right foot, my right foot is quite bigger and thicker than my left foot!
  7. I have them and found i had the same problem so i started wearing them with bandaids on the backs of my feet.. they've improved a lot after wearing them a bit. Just hang in there!