I need help from tPfers! Please help.

  1. I posted earlier about my jumbo caviar flap that had no sheen. I did talk to my mom (it's my b-day present to her) about it (didn't tell her I bought it) and it seems that she likes the sheen and or gold hardware.
    I am heartbroken!
    I am flying down to LA tomorrow and I was wondering if I could exchange at the Saks Chanel boutique over there (either the one w/ the sheen or gold hardware or both)? Is that possible? If so, does anyone know a nice SA I can talk to?
    Please help. This was supposed to be my mom's first Chanel and I want to make it perfect.

  2. if you pruchase from Saks, as long as you have receipt and is w/n their exchange period (60 days if i remember correctly), i don't think there's a problem. But I'd advice you call the store first to see if they can hold one for you before you pay a visit. Good Luck!
  3. Thank you Classic Chic.

    I think I can return it at Saks, but I still need some SA names in Los Angeles area...
    Should I post this in a different section?
    I am not getting many responses... and I really need to take care of this ASAP before my mom leaves the country for vacation...
  4. I believe Joo or Kim both work in the CHanel boutique and are excellent. Martha is the SA i usually go to, she works in Marni, but is great and will do bend over backwards to help you out.
  5. Thank you Shmoo. Can you tell me which Saks location that is at?
  6. Don't mean to butt in but it must be Beverly Hills since the South Coast Plaza Saks doesn't carry Chanel...