I need help from those living in Hawaii!!

  1. DH and I are going to Oahu in September and I want to get my tattoo while I'm there. Can anyone recommend a nice, clean tattoo shop??

    Also any recommendations on fun stuff to do? We are also taking our 4 and 6 year old - so keep that in mind when recommending something, we have to take them with us, no babysitter. :smile:
  2. I am not from there, but I like going there once a year. I suggest a luau, hanauma bay, diamond head, and of course shopping. Theres Ala Moana Mall, but I prefer the shops on the street, I think the streets name is Kalakaua...something like that. Where are you staying at?
  3. I'm not really into tatoos..but if I were to get one, I'd get one in Hawaii. A hibiscus or something.

    Not sure where to send you, but have fun!
  4. we're staying in Waikiki but we'll have a rental car so we can go anywhere.

    I actually want to get a hibiscus tattoo on my wrist.
  5. hey, try billy at 808 tattoo he's really good he did almost all of mine. i heard everyone there (at 808 tattoo) is good though it's in kaneohe and there's a ross, longs drug store and all kinds of little stores so if you have someone going with you they can kill time in those stores with the kids.
  6. thanks Jaime!! ;o) are they by appointment only or do they take walk-ins?
  7. Oh I forgot, you should probably look into getting it later in the trip because of the whole sun thing. Just something to consider...HAVE FUN!!! I love Waikiki!!!
  8. oh yeah, already told hubs we have to wait till the last day!
  9. LOL.. I have no suggestions for tattoo shops on Oahu, sorry!

    But...basic family tourist stuff on Oahu usually includes: A trip to the North Shore (shave ice at Matsumotos!), Polynesian cultural center, Bishop Museum, Iolani Palace, Honolulu Zoo & Waikiki aquarium, Sea Life Park, and Hawaiian Adventures water park..... It's not whale season in September, so maybe you can parasail or jetski. Surfing lessons are really really fun for the whole family... they put you on huge tanker longboards, so it's easy to stand up & catch the ankle biter waves... There's a huge swap meet at Aloha Stadium on sundays if you like that sort of thing....

    Ask the concierge if he can recommend a babysitting agency if you want to do anything w/o the kiddies... I worked for one on Maui one summer & we were CPR & 1st aid certified... then maybe do a sunset (booze) cruise.
  10. you still looking for one? I would have to do some research to get you the name. My hubby and I got tattoos done. The guy mostly works by appointments. We happened to walk in when someone didn't show up. here is mine. I went swimming with these huge turtles there. Which isn't too far from the shop. If you are interested I can probably get you that info too. I asked the guy to do the color of the ocean in my turtle tat. Please PM me if you are still looking. we were both very pleased with the place.
    turtle in Oahu.jpg my turtle tattoo.JPG
  11. found it .... it was driving me crazy.

    North Shore Tattoo 66-590 Kamehameha Hwy # 1c
    Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712-1484
    Phone: (808) 637-8661

    and here is a website for the turtle beach --- not to be confused with Turtle Bay which is at the North most tip of Oahu and is really just a resort area.

  12. thanks so much LemonDrop!

    Kirsten - yeah we had checked out their shop in Vegas and they are wayyyyy overpriced!

  13. Where are you planning on getting it (if you don't mind me asking)?

    I only ask b/c I would imagine that a looooong plane ride home might be uncomfortable with a fresh tattoo
  14. the day before we leave and I'm getting mine done on my wrist, so hopefully it won't be too bad. The flight is only 4.5 hours too.