I need help from the LV ladies and gents!!!

  1. You all are so much more knowledgable when it comes to LV that I must turn to you all for some LV info...

    What can any of you tell me about the Onatah Leather Line? I know it is new- but what are the pro's/con's etc!!! Let me know whatever it is you all know!!!!

    You all are my experts :yes: :wlae:
  2. Hi!

    There are 2 colors(aubergine=purple,moka=chocolate color)and 2 shapes(pochette Onatah and Onatah)available.
    Onatah is limited edition.
  3. Pro : Gorgeous..better than suede IMO
    Con: I don't own one yet, I don't know if the leather can get scratch easily.
    Some ladies already got their onatah cuir, I am sure they will give you some inputs.

    Nice to see you around LV forum Megs..
  4. ^ Trying to learn more!!!: flowers: Thanks ladies!!
  5. Hi Megs! I saw this over the weekend in Soho and it looks very pretty! The pochette is bigger than I anticipated though. I thought it would be like the size of a pochette accessories but it's A LOT BIGGER. I initially wanted to get one but I wasn't sure about the strap being fabric. =(
  6. The biggest pro I can think of is that you don't really have to care for it as much as monogram bags - there's no vachetta on it. So while you do have to care for it as it is all leather, it's not raw, untreated leather !

    Oh, and of course, the pro being it's hot ! :graucho:
  7. I have the pochette and it is a nice bag.
    It is a good size bag and can fit a lot.
    I have my agenda and checkbook, separate wallet, sunglasses, cellphone and then there is still room to spare.
  8. Saw it this week in SF. Loved the pochette! The purple was very pretty but I think I preferred the brown. It would scratch (I think) but doesn't look to be super scratchable. :flowers:
  9. I agree..I like the leather much better than the suede. It's so much easier to care for IMO. I don't have a piece, but if I were to get one, I'd go with the leather. I love the purple..it's SO pretty!
  10. cons: I dont own one in aubergine (dammit)

    Pros: No vachetta
    All treated leather
    Not suede
    the color aubergine is freaking fabulous
    the mocha is nice too
    bigger and less expensive than anticipated
    sits nicely on shoulder from what ive been told
  11. Wow thanks everyone!!!!! You are all truly addicts :nuts:
  12. hehe I think I might buy one too now :biggrin:
  13. I hope you get one Megs!!! I saw one at the boutique yesterday from afar, but didn't have time to see it/hold it... :sad:
  14. I like to call it a big ol' ball of shmooshy goodness, if that helps at all.

    The leather is really soft, but not delicate. It seems like it will develop a nice patina rather than just scratch. The colors are beautiful IRL & it smells nummy.
  15. What do they retail for?? The PM or GM...