I need help for mothers day!!!

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  1. Okay, so I want to get my mom an AMAZING C oach for mothers day. She got her 1st bag a few months ago after Christmas, and about 2 weeks ago we went back to the same outlet we did after Christmas, and she fell in love with a Coach Soho Twill Stripe Tote, but it was 368$ and she did not want to buy it. I can tell she was truly in love with it, and I felt really bad for not insisting she get it =[ Even my dad was picking things out for her. Does anyone think I should call Coach and get it for her? Or maybe get her a different bag? If anyone has this bag, can you please tell me how you like it?:confused1:
    Im soooo comfused!
  2. If she fell in love with it you should get it for her; you'd be the best daughter ever! What a sweetheart! Go with the one she fell in love with I bet you won't regret it!:girlsigh:
  3. Thank yoou! I told my Dad about it and i'm pretty sure he's gonna call coach tomorrow =]
  4. Definitely! I think I'm going to get my mom her first Coach for her bday/mom's day. I know she will be mad at me for spending so much money on her, but she so deserves it and I don't care if she gets mad!
  5. You could also get her a Coach gift certificate... that way, if she still wants the bag she fell in love with, she can still get it... OR, if there is something else that catches her attention she can get that instead. I know most people think that gift certificates are not personal, but heck, if I'm gonna spend THAT MUCH money, I really want her to LOVE it... ya know. OR, maybe I'm just crazy, I dunno... :shrugs:

    I think I'm gonna get my boyfriend's mom and sister gift certificates for mother's day and birthday, respectively, because they are both HUGE coach fans, but I wouldn't know what to get them...
  6. I say get it for her too! She will probably fall over because it will be such a surprise.

    I have caught my mom oogling my legacy wristlet so I'm getting her one for Mother's Day. She doesn't suspect a thing.

  7. Maybe you and your dad could split the cost?
  8. If she loved it, I think you should get it for her!! My mom is not into Coach at all, but I think she may be coming around a tiny bit....she told me to watch out or my black/white sig stripe tote would come up missing!!
  9. Ditto!!
  10. If you know she knows it get that.
    If you aren't sure, gift certificate would work great.

  11. Thats an idea. I'll have to run it by him. If not, my mom, sister and I always do a girls day out right around her birthday/mother's day, usually end up at an outlet center in the the tri-state area, so if there is a Coach outlet wherever we go this year I'll see if she likes anything there.
  12. I agree if she loved the one you two saw together I would deff get her that one!
  13. I think I get the the gift certificate just in case she changed her mind. Either way, you are a wonderful daughter