i need help for mens designer wallets

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  1. im looking to buy my husband a nice designer wallet for his b day which one do you all recommend which is a must have for a guy these days which brand??

    thanks all
  2. Paul Smith!!
  3. Gucci makes nice wallets too:smile:
  4. Hermes
  5. my bf swears by his LV mono wallet....he has hinted at thinking of geting a prada, but he does love his mono
  6. Alternatively, some of the BV wallets are gorgeous:

  7. I gave my dad a Ferragamo
  8. Louis Vuitton makes really nice wallets, especially in the Taiga line :love:. and Gucci has very nice wallets too :yes:
  9. I have to echo the others: Paul Smith! The leather is wonderful and then designs are cool, fun and a little bit retro. Unless he's a label hag and would like an LV or Gucci but if he doesn't really get into all that Paul Smith is definatey the way to go!
  10. gucci make really nice ones, my DH was eyeing one other day.