i need help for color...

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  1. i would like to buy a violet bag but i don't understand ...:confused1:
    there are more purple in the new collection:sad:




    for me it's 3 different purple ...but the name of colors is always the same ..PURPLE

    what do you think?

    personnely i like the first color but i think it don't exist !!!!
  2. they're all the same colors. some of the pictures are just misleading. the first two pics are the most accurate. fall 08 purple is vibrant and bright. it's very beautiful.
  3. i want a purple bag too! and MJs purple are so gorgeous! im sure u would not be disappointed;)
  4. Yeah, its just the different lighting conditions of the pics. The purple is very beautiful and perfect for fall/winter!
  5. :yes: ITA with Tad. The fall08 purple is just gorgeous! :love: What bag are you thinking of getting?
  6. i love the baby stam ♥♥♥♥ ...it was my first choice
    purple it's THE COLOR of this saison ...for the stam (big) in purple ...finish to shop on line "sold out"!!!!!!
  7. I didn't know the Spring Street came in purple! I wonder who sells it; I'm guessing it's a boutique exclusive. :sad:
  8. ^ I'm pretty sure Nordies carries the Spring Street line in purple. :yes:
  9. ^Thanks Melly! My Nordie's has the grey and I didn't think to ask about it coming in purple. I should just copy their lookbook.:P
  10. what do you think?
    it's better baby stam or stam for all days ?
    fot moment i don't have baby stam and i don't know if it's more easy than the big stam :confused1:
  11. i think the big stam is better.....you can use it all the time.... the baby stam is really a bag you have to plan to use cuz you can't just through everything in it and go....it's hard to fit a wallet like the zip clutch in it.... i have two stams
  12. thanks Aggie...it's true the big stam is very easy for all days:yes:
    but i must wait for buy it ...because i think 2 bags this month it's ok
  13. Nordstroms has the Spring Street in Purple -- it actually comes in the same colors as the quilted stams (Black, Grey, Purple & Fuschia)
  14. I think the quilted purple is more of a "grape" color -- I wouldn't call it plum or violet -- MJ just calls it "Purple" -- honestly, I think the Baby Stam is much too small to use every day. I think of it more as an evening bag or a bag for going out. The stam is a much better bag for daily use and this season's aren't nearly as heavy as they've been in the past because they're made of goat leather instead of calf.