I need HELP..for all vernis lovers..

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  1. The vernis collection caught my eye in elux, forget eBay after being on this forum (Thank you all a million!)

    I live in Canada, I called the LV places near me (2 locations), and they dont have the Vernis in stock, how sad.

    Im leaning towards the houston vs the brentwood. Since it is slightly smaller, right?

    But the pics in elux dont show me how it looks close up, details, and most especially what it looks inside.
    1) The tags inside, where to look for serial #s, is it a patch or is it engraved.
    2) what color, material is the lining?
    3) Just in case, I dont buy from elux, any other legit options? (this is why I need anwers to #1,2)

    Better yet, can you guys post pics of your vernis, or point me to someone who can answer my questions. Thank you!

    (I may have posted this in wrong section)
  2. I have the silver vernis houston, and absolutely love it. Its so functional and easy to use. Its a little big, but I get tons of compliments on it.

    My lining is light grey to match the purse. I think the change the lining color to match whatever color the purse is. I knew my red vernis wallet has red leather. The lining should be leather.

    I like a little bit bigger bag, so it holds all my stuff. I use to be a small purse only kinda gal, but now like the extra room.

    Mine is older, I bought it used on eBay. So there are authentic sellers out there. They usually go prety inexpensively. So I am not sure if the styling has changed on the newer ones at all eg: have they added a cell phone pocket?

    Buying on eBay is a bit more work, but its nice to get the savings so you can buy more!
  3. I don't think you can buy from elux since you're in Canada...elux only ships to the U.S.
    Anyway if you go to the vuitton site, then type Houston in the search box, it'll come up and you can look at the little video it provides of the bag, which shows the inside. The date code will be behind the D ring and the lining will match the bag exactly but be in the calfskin leather.
  4. Yup, the new ones have a cell pocket! My beige one doesn't have the pocket but my framboise one does.