I need help finding a whiskey slim or large flap

  1. Hello Ali lovers.
    I own 3 Ali's. I have them in the slim flap style 10327. The signature was on a PCE at a great price before they raised the prices this year on all the slim Ali bags. My black leather lovely slim Ali came from the outlet at $261.00The whiskey flap in leather, I just bought from JAX and pay the full price of $428.00There were green dots on the firsts one and I did order a second one since they were low on these bags. The second one I got was much better, only two green dots under the flap. I have asked a few members if they thought this leather was more russet and matt than the original more orange and more patina looking large 2006 Ali and thanks to Entheos, she did tell me she noticed a bit of a difference in the leather since the originals of 2006. I agree, This leather is more Vachetta and patina's less. Now my dilemma. As I can see, these slim whiskey flaps 10327 and these larger Ali's 10329 are turning up at the outlets all week. My dear DH stopped at Sawgrasss for me last night and looks at three slim flaps. All had not scratches on them, but black noticible marks. I have a pretty perfect bag here, but unused with tags and full credit of $428. I hate to pay full price when they are at the outlet, but probably would not like such obvious defects. All of you that picked up a whiskey slim or larger Ali at the outlet, please let me know how you found the shape of them. I would have to go look at it an hour away and then hold it until tomorrow and return my own whiskey for credit to get one amd go back. the price is $259 less 20% and an extra 10% last night which may not be in effect as compared to $428.00. What do you guys think? Thank you for your thoughts. DH said the smudges were big enough to notice and very black. Thanks again!! Merry Merry Christmas Ali Support Group!!!!
  2. Well I just picked up a whiskey ali at the outlet and it was the ONLY one they had.. I haven't noticed any imperfections on it at all. A lot of the black marks people are seeing are imperfections in the leather... leather has those things but obviously not all of them do. Good Luck! :tup:
  3. Lynn, I could live with a few smudges for $259 but this does depend on how severe the smudges are.
    Now, considering your previous posts that I've read, I'd say your a tad on the particular side;) and there's nothing wrong with that. I have a touch of OCD also, however, I can justify some minor marks for a significant reduction in price.
    You've got to ask yourself if you'd be happy carrying the bag that is not perfect condition.:shrugs: If you wouldn't be happy with it then it's not worth the savings.
    Good luck with your decision!:smile:
  4. Just my two cents, I bought a whiskey Mandy at the outlet this week that's perfect. No whiskey slim flaps where I was shopping, though. I'm pretty sure that the bags right now at the outlets are leftover inventory, not defective inventory. So you should be able to find a nice one - it just might take some hunting! Good luck!
  5. I couldn't have said it better myself :okay: And the price for the full size ali after all discounts is $215!!!! :nuts:
  6. The whiskey Ali I found at outlet was perfect - no smudges or dots. Perhaps if you looked at them in person you could see if there was one that was better or had marks in an inconspicuous place that you could live with. Otherwise, it would not be worth it to exchange the perfect bag you have for one you woulnd't be happy with. In the long run, the savings isn't what's important; it is loving the bag.
  7. Yes I agree ! I got a whisky Ali at the outlet and it was pretty close to perfect, just one barely noticeable crease on the flap but not bad at all. I asked the SA to bring one from the back and it was much worse. The flap was a completely different color than the rest of the bag. They also had a slim flap Ali in whiskey that looked like it was in perfect condition. This was in NH though and it sounds like where you live is far away from there. I think if you have one you love then I wouldn't exchange it and take a chance unless you see it in person.
  8. I picked up a white Ali and whiskey Mandy at the outlet. They also had the whiskey Alis there. My bags were absolutely perfect although I did notice that some of the whiskey Alis had a few black smudges on the back. The smudges were not that bad at all though. I can see that someone would not buy these bags were they selling at their full retail price as I would also want a perfect bag. However, if I were you, I would get the one at the outlets. Think about it...$428 vs $215.99. Could you not live with a couple of smudges for a savings of $212 before tax? If it were up to me, there would be no dilemma. Saving $200+ dollars would definitely be my choice!:tup:
  9. I totally agree. My outlet had the slims, DH went to see them for me last night , knowing the one I had home which was almost perfect. He said my outlet had 3 with huge black marks on them, very noticible. I wanted the old Whiskey leather anyway, it had more of patina. Did your whiskey Mandy have the older more orange than rust color? Thanks!!! Merry Christmas, great buys!!!
  10. I got a whiskey ali slim and large from the El Paso, TX outlet and they both are in perfect condition.
  11. Hello thanks, I love Portsmith, NH . I have been there. I used to live in Western Mass on the Vermont border. I now live in Florida. I like it here much less than New England. I had gotten a slim flap in the 10327 on a credit I had for the full price. The ones at the outlet had big black marks on them. I would not have been happy with them at all. But they were much cheaper and my outlet is nuts, busy today so I did not go there. I have seen the older whiskey color that is not aas matte or russet lookiing and although it scratched easier, it had a wonderful patina when you rubbed the scratches out. Is your Ali the 10329 the russet color or the earlier whiskey color they made in the beginning? Thanks!!! They are all very pretty. Let me know. Thank you for your opinion. Lynn
  12. I totally agree. I could not live with big black marks on my bag. The leather mine is is thicker more russet. The first batch of Ali's were more orange and had a patina. It is hard to tell unless you go. I called the outlet today and it was a madhouse amd the parking lot was so full, I did not go at all. So, I did not know how big the spots were, but DH saw it last night when he held it for a trade and he did not think I could live with it at all. Thank you for your advice. Yes, the important thing is loving the bag. Thank you.
  13. Oh, that is great. Congratulations on those bags!! Did you notice the colors being different on the slim flap Ali and the larger one?They had told me once at Jax that the 10329 was a vintage leather leather and the slim flap was a more russet Vachetta leather. Have you noticed that, or were they the sane colors more russet than orangey. Thank you.
  14. It is not so orange and the deeper rust brown color which is why I like it and didn't so much when they first came out. I got it at the Tilton outlet. I wish I could keep it but it is a gift for someone else but I have my black one. They have a portsmouth outlet ? If so ,I would check it out, it would be closer to where I live in Boston. Forida must be a nice change. We are getting a big snowstorm any minute now !
  15. I do not care about the little green dots on this slim flap. I had just thought I would try if I could get to the outlet to get the bag at a lower price and have more money for Christmas presents. DH had said the spots were black dots like mine but 1/2 inch big black marks and noticible. And that is guy saying that. I am getting much better at not noticing flaws. I would certainly accept a few smudges for the lower price. Just not big black marks. I just could not get up there today and they only had one slim flap. It was busy and the parking lot was full by 11 or so. Maybe tonight. I just want to see the one that DH held for me. It is a savings, but I do tend to look my bags over if they are new from the store and expensive. But, I have stopped being so fussy at the outlet for savings. Life is too short..I am going to scratch it myself. Thank you for your sound advice.