I need HELP finding a shirt!!

  1. [​IMG]

    1. do they make these in women's
    2. do you know of an online store that I can order this from in women's
    3. what's the name of the shirt - adios & ciao??
  2. Yes, they make those in women's sizes. It is dark grey and not blue. I got mine from JapanLA (chargesent), but I'm not sure if they have anymore. I don't know the name of the shirt, I just described it.
  3. Tracy were you able to find one yet? I'm not sure where you can get it right now but I've got my eyes peeled 4 it.

    Here's a pic of the womens.
  4. No, I emailed japanla & azalea and both said they are completely SOLD OUT and won't be getting more in! I'm so sad...........if anyone sees one, PLEASE let me know!
  5. I bought mine from Virgin Megastore in S.F. I think I'm going this weekend. What size are you looking for?
  6. I'm not sure, but I think I saw that shirt at Le Lotus Bleu here in Hawaii. You can call to check :biggrin: The # is 808-589-1671 (Ward Center) or 808-941-1300 - (Ala Moana). But, I don't know if they ship...
  7. I was at Virgin yesterday and didn't see it :sad:
    Although I didn't go up to the 4th floor...maybe they're up there :shrugs: I kinda want one too!
  8. I found them on the second floor and they are in an odd hidden place. I noticed when I went last time that all the adios and ciao tee's were hidding behind some of the others.
  9. Oh man, that figures :sad: I always kinda figured I'd eventually pick that t-shirt up along the way but I never did and now I haven't seen them anywhere either :rolleyes:
  10. They don't ship!!! :sad:

  11. do you want to buy one for me and I'll pay ya since they won't ship??
  12. Do they have it? LOL.

  13. ahhh NO, I just called both stores. :crybaby:
  14. which Virgin store??