I need help finding a RM matinee in Wine...

  1. if someone sees a matinee in wine on sale/discounted price, please let me know, I'm getting obsessed over that bag, honestly last night I could hardly sleep just thinking about it and imagining me with it. I know I need help.:crybaby:
    thanks in advance,
  2. Theres one on eBay right now.
  3. THanks!!!
  4. the auction ends on Feb 11th , :sad: I'm gonna have to be patient.
  5. Zenny....make that TWO!!

    I have been looking for this bag too and really want it. If ANYONE comes across one of these or two..(one for me, one for Zenny), please let me know.

    It's too bad that auction isn't a BIN.
  6. Put me down on the list too please!
  7. There's a Wine Matinee I believe based upon the description with the person I spoke to from Treehouse Accessories. Their number is 410-363-4110. It is however, not on sale and retailing for $685. I asked if RM bags would be going on sale and the SA said not for now but if you would like them to call you when it goes on sale just leave your name and number with them. :yes:
  8. Okay, I made a mistake. Sorry if I got anyone's hope up high. :sweatdrop: :push: