I need help finding a purse for my wife!!

  1. I need help finding a purse for my wife. She seen one in the mall and went back to get it and it was gone. She basically showed me kind of what it looked like, but she has not been able to find one that is exactly what she wanted. Below are a couple links that I think are similar to what she wants. The color I believe is right. The part she keeps describing to me that she is stressing is that there is one strap that laps over the top to the other side. She keeps telling me that it’s a braided strap. I have looked everywhere & I cannot find anything even close. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can help me out. It sure would be appreciated!!

    She said the price was around 250.00



    I think the style was close to one of these
  2. I don't THINK it is. I believe (from what I understand) where the buckle is on that one, it's supposed to be a braided strap of some kind.
  3. Yes it comes in the brown/khaki color. The number is 6280 retails for $218 and called soho signature small flap size 11x5x2. You can always call the 800# and see if they can locate it for you. Good luck
  4. is it this one?
  5. it has to be one of these 2. I will print the pictures off and show them to my wife. I will let ya'll know what I find out. Thanks so much for your help!
  6. which model is this one?
  7. They also had it in a bigger size. I can't remember retail for it though.
  8. It is style # 6280, if you order it from coach's 800 # just make sure to tell them khaki. The style # doesn't change by bag color so grey, black, & khaki all have the same #.
  9. awesome, thanks so much! I bet this is it. :wlae:
  10. You're welcome! You're such a great guy for helping your wife out, she will love it.
  11. I hate to add to the confusion, but it could also be this one. I have it in black and the style number is 6171. It is very similar to the signature small flap currently available in Coach stores and on the website except it has the braided strap (the new style does not). I loooove this bag!
  12. ^LOL I've never seen that one, but yes that could be it too.