I need help finding a grey bag......

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  1. Looking for a grey bag....medium to large, hand held and between $0-200.00 :P. It doesn't have to be leather, just not have that cheapy look. Pictures please.....Im not asking much am I?:shame: Help!!
  2. check Banana Republic. If you play their sweepstakes, you get 15% off coupon.



  3. [​IMG]I like this one! Keep em coming
  4. I don't have any specific suggestions, but grey has been a very "it" color over spring and summer, so I'd check the sales. You might be able to pick up something fab for a song.
  5. [​IMG]What do you guys think of this one? Jessica Simpson. I have never bought anything from her line so I have no idea of the quality. Has anyone else?
  6. This one is Nordstrom's own line. I love the color!

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  7. allie, is that on their website. Gorgeous color? Please link me to it! I also love the gray of the Rebecca minkoff bags. All grays. Also the gray of the mbmj line this season.
  8. :tup:thanks alli
  9. You are welcome.
  10. Urban outfitters has this one from Sabina for $225

  11. ^ cute
  12. You should try doing a search on zappos.com and piperlime.com They have some great bags and you can narrow your search by color and price.
  13. I think a LOT of us are looking for gray bags this season... I had a thread on this earlier as well. I've given up finding the perfect one in a store or online so I'm trying to find someone on etsy to customize one for me.