I Need Help Finding a COLORBLOCK!!!

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  1. I need help finding a bag I want!! I want the Marc Jacobs Quilted Colorblock Soft Pouche in Lemon! I found a few on ebay but I don't want to buy it on there. I have searched everywhere online but I cant find it. I don't know why I decided all of sudden I love this clutch and can't live without it..but I'm in love!! I know it's old, so is it a lost cause?? I still need to go to Fashion Island and rummage through the sale bins and Nordstrom Rack.
    Thanks in advance!! ;)
  2. You could try calling the boutiques and ask if they still have any, it would be full price but you might find one:heart:
  3. :yes: that's what i would do, too.
  4. ^ Roger that!
  5. Will do! Thanks ladies!!
  6. I don't remember whether or not they carried it, but Nordstroms has this new "service" where you leave your name & number with your SA and they put in their computer and if an item is returned anywhere in the company, your name will pop up so that your SA can call you tell see if you still want it -- I think you'll need the item number or SKU number in order for her to look it up and add your name to the "waiting list"
  7. ^that's good to know..
  8. yea, I added my name for the Raspberry Gray or the ColorBlock hobo in taupe, but I don't know how well it works -- remember, there was that Raspberry Gray that showed up at the Rack last weekend, which means it had to have been returned to a full line store first & then transferred out. But I guess it's worth a try