I need HELP finding a bag for COLLEGE!

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  1. I'm going to college next year and I don't want to carry a backpack, handbag, PLUS laptop bag. So I want to leave the backpack just for books and put my laptop in my purse. Here's the problem...my laptop is huge. It's 14"h x 10.5"w 11.8"h and it's 1 inchish thick. I don't want to buy a laptop bag because i already have 2 and there too heavy and I don't want to buy another one even if it looks good beause than i'd still be carrying 3 bags =P. I went to Coach and the best I could find was Optic Signature Baby Bag which would probably break my laptop if i tried to jam it in or worse ruin the bag lol and the other one was not available in stores, but a new version is coming out in Sept {i'm not very patient haha jkjk). I liked this design the best -->Coach Soho Signature Tote, but the biggest size which is something like 12"x 12" completely dwarfs me. I stand at barely 5 feet 3inches so that bag takes up like half my body. So I am looking for a bag that's not only cute but versatile as well =P.

    Just browsed the website and maybe this is ok i guess--> New Signature Soft Tote , but don't like the little c pattern on this one--> Mini Signature Multifunction Tote.
    Any suggestions on bags that could fit a laptop and still work as a handbag? (It doesn't have to be Coach)

    My spending limit is $500ish.

    Thanks for your time!:yes:
  2. You may want to reconsider the tote idea. I have a laptop that weighs 5 pounds and even that gets heavy. When you factor in your books (I don't how you plan to use the bag--do you plan to carry your laptop to class everyday or just to the library?) a tote could just get to be too much. I'm in grad school and carry my laptop and case books to class every day and I use a backpack and a tumi carrier in this style Laptop Carrier - TUMI
    I rarely carry a purse to class, I throw my wallet, keys, phone and lip gloss in the small pocket of my backpack.
    Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder can really damage your shoulder (I pinched a nerve).
    You may just want to look around at your fellow classmates and see what they're doing.
  3. I have the same problem! I really want a tote to put my laptop & a notebook in for class...too bad class starts on Monday...gotta love the procrastination!
  4. I have a friend who uses Tom Bihn laptop bags. I can't remember the name of the particular bag but it was not too heavy and it had excellent protection for the laptop.

  5. knishdion - for now I'll be bringing my laptop to all my classes

    thanks guys for being so helpful :smile:
    if there are any other suggestions I'd be happy to hear them :smile:
  6. There's the Coach transatlantic messenger which i think is designed to hold laptops?

    Otherwise, I just have a laptop sleeve and throw my laptop in my regular bags. Maybe longchamp, herve chapelier, vera?
  7. I originally planned on bringing my laptop to class, but it was just too damn difficult. I have a 12" ibook, and compared to other laptops it's REALLY light and small - but it was still a pain lugging it around campus. On heavy days I bring my balenciaga city - which holds a ton and can be handheld or worn on the shoulder - in it I can carry my normal stuff, makeup etc, plus a notebook, paperback, etc. On lighter days I carry a large Coach hobo - which also holds alot, but not as much as the balenciaga by far. And occasionally I'll use my LV speedy 30 - because it also holds a ton, but I hate I can't wear it on my shoulder.
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