I need help FAST!!

  1. K, some of you know of a bag I bought on ebay that I have learned, according to you all, is a fake. *sigh* I guess we all make that ebay mistake once. I should have known. Anyway, I filed a dispute which is now a claim with paypal, and the seller repied to my dispute offering me $50 refund. Here is his reply:

    *I'm offering $50 to close the dispute. Reason is, the supplier has assured me that the bag is not fake, its just different model going to the Asian market. If need be, he can provide documents, but it will cost me additional $50 to get the documents.*

    COULD he be telling the truth, or is he full of crap? Why would he be offering refund money if he is sure it is real? What should I counter? Thank you. Here is the original ebay auction:

    eBay: AUTHENTIC GUCCI TAN LEATHER Horsebit Hobo (item 220020402437 end time Aug-27-06 21:33:45 PDT)

  2. The all thing it sounds funky to me.:sad: I never heard of such a thing about "different model" for "asian market" :wtf: If I were you, I would ask for full refund.
  3. he's full of crap.
  4. You should ask for the full refund. This bag is definitely fake.