I need help!! Edith tote - Brown or Whiskey Leather?

  1. Hi Girls, I am caught in between a brown leather or a whiskey leather. The brown one comes with a detachable strap which means I can carry it sling when I am drinking my Starbucks. :rolleyes: This is gonna be my first Chloe bag. Please give me your suggestions. Many thanks in advance!! :p
  2. do you have a picture of the style you want?

    In any case I would prefer the whiskey colour!!! I have and LOVE IT!
  3. I ordered a "brown" messenger Edith from NAP and it was actually ecureil (whiskey). Do you have a pic of the brown you are considering? Some places label their whiskeys and muscades "brown."
  4. My heart skips a beat whenever I carry my Whiskey Chloe Edith... such a beautiful, rich, colour.
  5. Whiskey!!!
  6. I say whiskey. The whiskey in Edith is one of the most yummy colors I've ever seen. It's very versatile as well, and you will find yourself being able to wear it with browns and other colors that brown might not work with. Whichever one you choose, Chloe makes wonderfully deep and luxurious colors. Best of luck!
  7. :heart: WHISKEY!!!
  8. I say whiskey:yes:
  9. Whiskey is such a stunning color. I love mine and it gets so many compliments.
  10. Whiskey without a doubt - I have a Whiskey Edith myself and it is just TDF :heart:
  11. whiskey!
  12. Another vote for Whiskey! I just picked up one from the NM.com sale and she is gorgeous!
  13. yet another vote for whiskey! it's very Chloe!
  14. Whiskey is such a classic in the Edith. Is this the one with the messenger strap?
  15. Thanks Girls (: I saw both of the bags from NAP. Is the whiskey (w/o leather strap) = brown ( with leather strap) ?

    Can someone enlighten me please? :yahoo:

    First attached file: whiskey
    Second attached file: brown with strap
    Chloe Edith Whisky Leather Bag.jpg Chloe - brown.jpg