I need help decorating my office wall...

  1. My office at work is all white brick walls and the wall behind me is HUGE and I need something to put on it! Any ideas????

    I currently have a framed print I bought for $25 that is 32" x 26" (seemed big in the store but got lost on the wall!).

    The girl in the office next to me just hung up a beautiful quilt. I hate to copy her, so need to come up with something else.

    I am the webmaster for a college and spend about 60 hours a week sitting here -- my home away from home. :sad:

    Please help me with an idea! Nothing too expensive but I'm willing to spend about $100 for something else.

    The wall is 9' high and 8' wide.
  2. How about a tapestry on a rod...
  3. That's a nice idea! I wonder if they make huge ones... have to look it up now! Thanks!
  4. A beautiful framed scarf, a japanese kimono or robe hung by a rod. Framed artwork from children in your family- whether it's your kids, nieces, nephews, godchildren, etc. A great print already framed from an art museum...
  5. my desk walls are decorated with magazine tears of bags and pictures that I like.... it's quite colorful...
  6. Does your college have art students? Maybe they can paint a mural on the wall?
  7. since you are the college webmaster i suggest items relating to your school. i was thinking of sports shirts, sweater with sports letter, frontpage of college newspaper nicely framed etc.. if you want something more girly i would use plates from the spode blueroom collection (they are available in blue,red, black). in an office i decorated i used the red plates, brass candle sconces and hunt scene pictures. when you have some nice green plants this makes a cheery room. tj maxx and marshalls often have the plates for $7.99 you can't beat that price. good luck.
  8. Wow - ya'll have some great ideas!!!! Thank you!!!

    I do have all the other walls decorated and pics of my daughter here and there. I have a bulletin board with newspaper clippings of her in sports as well as a couple of drawings she made me. It's just this big blank wall behind me that's icky and plain.

    Think I found a couple of things on ebay I might get! One is a tapestry and the other is a quilt (even though I didn't want to be a copy cat :P ).

    I do have lots of plants around -- all fake though. (Yes, I buy fakes! LOL! Plants only!)

    Love the idea of college merchandise, too... wonder if the bookstore will give me some freebies for advertising! :graucho:

    Thank you again!!!