I need help! Decision ASAP

  1. Okay here is the deal; I have been wanting an Indigo b-bag for a while. I have a chance to buy a blueberry 06 City or First (they will only hold it until tomorrow a.m.). Should I go for it, or should I wait for an indigo bag to come back around on Ebay?

    For those who have the blueberry, do you love it? Is the leather smushy?

    TIA; you guys are the best!!
  2. I just got my blueberry city (first b-bag) and I LOVE it. To me the leather is great, but I never felt an older b-bag to tell the difference. Its slouchy and :love:
  3. I was just reading your thread; your city is awesome. Were the 06 fall bags made with the new or older leather? Sherise only has one of each so I do not want to jump at it if the leather is not great.
  4. you should ask then to send you pictures becca
  5. From what I've been reading its a hit or miss with the leather. Try to see if you can get pics of the bag.
  6. Hi Becca,
    I say, wait for the Indigo! Also, remember that Shirise sales are final, so if you don't like the leather, your won't be able to return it. Indigo is one of THE colors. Of course, Blueberry may turn out to be one, but combine the reputation of the '05 leathers with the color, that's something special!!!
  7. hey Becca4277 i know how you feel - in regards to searching for that rare colour in the style you want... and sometimes it feels like it wont pop up at all!!!
    i think you should totally go ahead and get the blueberry - i reckon this colour is YUM!!! BUT i do realise that these colours - indigo and blueberry are the quite similar... but from what the b-bag girls have been saying the leather this time around is LOADS better - so thats a plus!!!
    this IS a hard decision - but i'd totally go for the blueberry!!! GOOD LUCK on what you decide!!! ***hugs***
  8. becca, i say get the blueberry. make sure you ask about the leather, because some of them have awesome leather and some are not so great. if you ever get the indigo, you could always sell the blueberry later on.
  9. I agree with Esile. Find a Blueberry you like and then should an Indigo ever come along, I'm sure you would have no trouble selling the Blueberry. And who knows,,, you may love the Blueberry so much that you forget about the Indigo :smile: .
  10. Oooh, great idea! Michael from Sherise emailed this info when I asked about the leather:

    We do have the city in blue as well. It retails for $1,195. Compared to most The First is not very veiny, but The City in contrast looks fairly distressed and veiny.

  11. becca- yes, definitely ask about the leather. maybe call around to see if some of the other blueberry city in the other stores have better leather. good luck!
  12. becca, I'd wait around for the indigo.. but check out the blueberry first in person and if you're going to buy, make sure you pick your bag in real life. :biggrin:
  13. i would wait for the indigo. otherwise, you'd have to go through the hassle of selling your blueberry. or, if you're anything like me, spending weeks having major problems deciding which bag you want to let go of!
  14. If you find a blueberry with nice leather then get it! It's such a beautiful colour and it's very similar to indigo
  15. Michael is sending me pictures today; I am actually leaning towards the First since I already have a Twigggy and a Day. I will post them here when I get them!