I need help deciding!

  1. I bought the Marc Jacobs Blake bag in peanut and Bordeaux..and I can't decide! But then I saw the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After in Berry. I don't know what to do. If I keep one of the Marc Jacobs I can probably get the Morning After in January. But will I be able to find the berry in January?? But then what color do I keep in the Blake?? What's a girl to do!
  2. I love Rebecca Minkoff, but I say keep one of the Marc Jacobs. It's a classic and it's devine!!!!

    If you can't find the MA in Berry in January, you probably will still be able to find the wine - it's also georgeous.

    As for which MJ to keep. If you keep the bordeaux, will you still want the MA berry?
  3. I vote for MJ as well. I have a RM MA and it is SO HEAVY!
  4. If you think the RM is heavy you haven't carried a Blake- lol. The Blake is HEAVY heavy, but I say keep the bordeaux blake! Return the peanut & get the RM later.
  5. I would say keep the MJ...beautiful bag!

    But then again all of them are beautiful so I would have a hard time too!!

    Good Luck!