I need help deciding!!!

  1. I am in a little dilemma. My anniversary is on Monday and my lovely boyfriend is getting me something coach!!:yahoo: We are going to go to the boutique on Monday after we go out for dinner. He told me this today and now I need to figure out what I want!! He gave me a 300 dollar limit but I might return a bag to make up the rest. I bought the choc leather ergo hobo in medium during PCE and I’m not sure I am completely in love with it. It’s a great bag but I have been lusting over some other bags and I think it would be worth it to exchange the ergo for one of those bags.
    Sooo….the bags that I am looking at are Ali in whiskey (would have to be ordered), 07 leather shoulder bag in black or whiskey, or the bleecker leather duffle in wine. I definitely want more leather in my collection. What do you ladies think??? TIA!
  2. I would get the Ali in Whiskey because the Ali is discontinued right? Plus Whiskey is the most awesome color ever~ (I'm kinda impartial- I have an 06 Shoulder in Whiskey- which I would recommend first- but the Ali is on your wishlist first)
  3. I'll probably be in the minority, but I like the Bleeker duffle in wine! :tup:

    Ali is beautiful but I don't care for flap bags (pretty sure that one is?) so I avoid those but I know it's a very popular bag!

    What a sweet boyfriend you have!
  4. If you are talking about the 06 ali, I vote that! :tup: If not, I would go for the shoulder bag. Good Luck! Be sure and post pics when you decide!!! :yes:
  5. I love the ali in whiskey. I'd go for that one. It may be more of a classic piece. Always in style!:yes: What a sweetie your BF is!!! Congrats on the great bag (whichever you may choose) and the anniversary!
  6. I would vote ali also. 06 Alis in whiskey are probably going to become harder and harder to find. The other bags are 07's and still at the stores..they will be around for a while. I just ordered an 06 shoulder bag. I love the Legacy 06 line.
  7. The Ali Whisky would be a great choice:tup:
  8. Thanks so much everyone!! I went into the boutique today and was talking to my SA about my situation and she said that if I order the Ali tomorrow they will honor the PCE price. So I decided that would be the right way to go! I am so excited about getting the Ali since I have wanted one for so long! Now I have to get the boyfriend to go with me to the mall tomorrow instead of Monday. Thanks for everyone's input! :wlae: and btw, I was so shocked that my boyfriend even thought to get me coach. He doesn't like the whole expensive handbag thing. He is so sweet when he wants to be, lol.