I need help deciding...


Need help deciding...

  1. Jaune GSH brief

  2. Tomato GSH brief

  3. Moagno/cinnemon GGH brief

  4. French blue city

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  1. I want another bbag. I've currently scaled down my collection quite a bit and only have 2 bbags right now. I have my violet GSH brief and the ivory GSH city. I also have a couple of LV monogram bags. I want another bag... Here are my choices:
    jaune GSH brief
    tomato GSH brief
    Mogano/cinnemon GGH brief
    something in french blue
  2. hMM... I voted for the Mogano... just because the colors you currently have right now are very different. You have a light, & a fun colored bBag... maybe a darker neutral tone or even a bright red would do, depending on your wardrobe. :tup: Which colors do you normally wear?
  3. mogano ggh brief would be gorgeous !!
  4. I voted for the mogano too! I think it's such a rich beautiful brown.
  5. Another vote for mogano. I think it would round out your collection.
  6. I think we're all Mogano fans here! French blue city would be my second choice.
  7. I think the Tomato Brief would look fantastic on you. I love the tomato/SGH combo. You would totally rock this bag!!!!:tup:
  8. I wear mostly jean capris and army colored capris. As far as tops, I wear all colors, but I can change up bags for certain colors. I usually wear flip flops in metallic colors. I think the mogano would be a nice dark nuetral. I think the jaune could also be a nuetral and french blue would match my numerous jeans.
  9. My first inclination is to say Mogano and I have it & love it...But---Another thought on that is...You've got your Monogram Louie to carry with anything you would carry brown with so I'm going with Jaune because its fresh and modern looking...JMO! :cutesy:
  10. first, let me say that the two bags you have are my favorite combinations these days!
    My absolute favorite, though, is Jaune. I think that it is an amazing neutral. I just ordered it in the Work and am looking forward to wearing it year round.
  11. Tough one but I would say either the Tomato Brief or the Cinnamon Brief.
  12. I voted for the Tomato GSH Brief.. this bag is TDF in really life!! but i am also loving french blue.. tough choice!!
  13. Hi - I voted Jaune because you seemed so keen to buy one a few days ago.
  14. I don't like GGH and French Blue has yellowing issues... I saw a tomato SGH Day and it's gorgeous so if you like bolder colors I'd go with that, otherwise I'd pick a darker neutral with gsh or rh.
  15. I vote for tomato, great pop of color, love it! Not mogano since you already have LV monogram bags, if you want brown, your LV will do the job prettily. as for jaune, I think jaune is still pretty similar to ivory (in a way), and I think ivory is gorgeous enough. As for french blue, you've got to pay through your nose for that one, unless you want to wait till next year?? So, that leaves tomato!!!