I need help deciding!

  1. So I am getting a violet GSH for my bday (yay!) but I can't decide if I want it in the part-time or work style...I love the shoulder strap on the part time, and am planning to get a sandstone with GGH that I could get in the work...so do you think the Violet SGH in part-time or weekend, and also which style do you prefer in the sandstone? Thanks so much! Also, if anyone has seen the violet GSH in the work or part time, could you PM me?
  2. Great color choices! I like the Part Time a little more than the Work just because of the shoulder strap. You can wear this style in so many different ways, too! I say get the Violet SGH in the PT and the Sandstone GGH in the Work! Make sure and post pics when you get them!
  3. I agree with Elliemay........the PT is still a pretty big bag and it has the shoulder strap that will come in handy. I would see what's available in the GH Sandstone first because it may be hard to find. If you can get it in the Work then get the violet in the PT or vice versa.
  4. I'd get the SGH part-time in violet as well since you'll be getting the work size in the sandstone color. Good luck with your decision!
  5. yes I agree with the majority here so far... if you can get the SS work then go for it, its gorgeous (I have one!)... and if you dont already have PT, get the violet SGH in the PT since you will want some versatility and variety in starting your collection... (although I do have the violet SGH work too!) but the PT is definitely more versatile with the shoulder strap! good luck!