I need help deciding which bag

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  1. Hi everyone!
    Please help me decide between the following bags! Which one shall I get
    The ysl monogramme satchel in black or taupe


    Chloe Faye bag in black



    Louis Vuitton st germain in medium in black

    Which one shall I get please help me decide, Iv seen them all in stores and tried them all in but I'm still undecided.

    Thanks for your help ☺️
  2. Help ☺️
  3. This is not going to be much help, but OMG those bags are all gorgeous! :weird:
    I do think the YSL in taupe might be a timeless choice that will be at home anywhere. :smile:
  4. Love all three of your choices, but my personal preference is the LV St Germain. I adore the LV Empreinte leather and I like that it doesn't have a big logo. The Faye is nice, but more casual. Just my opinion.
  5. Between the three I would go with YSL in taupe
  6. Louis Vuitton st germain in medium in black.
  7. I would go with either the LV or the YSL. Suede is really popular right now but in a few years I fear that bag may look dated xompared to the more classic style of the other two.
  8. I think I will go with YSL but which one should I get taupe or black. Both are classic but I love the taupe but I feel as a shoulder bag it might get dirty easier or be prone to colour transfer as I wear a lot of dark colours
  9. LV Saint Germain would definitely be my number one choice.

    YSL would be second.

    I love the Chloe - but it seems too trendy compared to the others :smile:
  10. I'm not usually an LV fan but of the three I like that one