I need help deciding which bag!

  1. I have fallen in love ... near obsession actually ... with the Ergo Line.
    I have the Small Tote in Brown and Black Signature. I decided that I want to try and get some variety in my life and not carry a Black Bag all the time so I ordered a Bamboo Pebbled Hobo. I decided that I really wanted the tote and planned to take it back and exchange it until today....

    I was at the Las Vegas Outlet and found a Camel Tote for 147.00. The Bamboo pebbled one is 347.00. The colors are actually really close so thats not an issue. The issue is that I wear a lot of Denim and I am afraid of color transfer. As I am such a black bag girl I thought I would just go with the Camel thinking how often would I really carry the bag and I could just be careful. FYI I always carry the bag over my arm so it may rub a bit. The color is truly beautiful though and maybe I would carry it more if I didn't have to worry.

    Should I go with the Camel or the Bamboo Pebbled? It's hard to go with a more expensive bag so I want to ask what you guys think?
  2. I don't *think* you will have a problem with denim transfer.. and the bag won't even be long enough will it? I also saw a camel ergo tote at the vegas outlet yesterday.. did you buy it?
  3. I bought it at the outlet on Las Vegas Blvd. They had a ton of them out back. I am finding tons of goodies at this outlet. It is much less traveled than the one on Charleston. I carry my bag over my arms so it might rub a bit.
  4. I hear ya'.. the Premium one is a mad house!!! :nuts: But I love to go to both since they usually have different things. :graucho: I only saw one out front and it was really scratched, but I wasn't interested for me so didn't ask if they had more.. that's awesome! :okay:
  5. I can't speak to the pebbled Ergo, but I don't think you'll have any trouble with denim transfer and the camel. I wear a lot of dark colors and denim and I haven't had any trouble at all. :smile:
  6. Same here ~ No color transfer. I hope it just hasn't happened yet, though :sad: I'm gonna go check my ergo, LOL!!