I need help deciding on what LV bag to buy

  1. Hi everyone. This is my first post and I wanted your recs on what bag to buy next. I'll be going to New York this thursday. I recently bought the Damier Speedy 30. I looooove it. I take it with me everywhere I go. I am fairly tall (5 foot eight in a half) and average weight.

    this is what i want:

    mini lin speedy
    damier azur speedy 30
    mono speedy 35
    cabas mezzo

    typically i like larger handbags although i find the speedy 30 is a great size. i feel the 25 may be too small for me. so what should i do?:shrugs:

    please help me pick one.
  2. Well, since you have a speedy already, I would get the cabas mezzo.
    That way you have two different styles of LV.
    You can always get the other speedys in the future!:heart:
  3. cabas mezzo!:love:
  4. Hmmm....it depends. Do you want another handheld or a shoulder bag? If this were me, I would get the Mono Speedy. I would try the 35 on in the store though...it is a big bag. I have the 30 and find that it suits my needs. If you want a shoulder bag, then I would suggest looking at the Batignolles Horizontal, I think the Cabas Mezzo is big for an everyday bag. I hoped I helped somewhat. Good luck!
  5. I like Damier Azur Speedy 30 & Mini Lin. I heard from a friend who's just back from Paris, Damier Azur, specially speedy 30 so popular there :smile: model us your new back after you back from NY.
  6. Cabas Mezzo vote here!!!! :biggrin:
  7. Welcome~~cabas Mezzo/BH if you want a shoulder bag instead, mini lin in Dune will be a great contrast if you wan't a light color bag :smile:
  8. Mezzo!!!!
  9. Cabas mezzo!
  10. since u just got a speedy
    i will go for Cabas mezzo
  11. Cabas Mezzo! Since u have a speedy already.
  12. I like the Mezzo!
  13. I agree - go for some diversity and get the Cabas, but you could just have a great Speedy collection. The min lin is SO cute.
  14. MEZZO! lol
  15. I say cabas mezzo too! Since you have one hand-held bag already. It would be nice to have a shoulder bag too.

    My second choice would be the mono speedy 35.