i need help deciding on a new bag!

  1. Hi everyone I am looking to get a new bag and I am not sure which one I should go for. I have been drawn to the onatah pochette in the plum color and the roxbury drive in the amarante. I am looking to spend between $900-$1300. Any suggestions or advice? thanks
  2. I like the roxbury drive in amarante.
  3. is it too hot in the summer to use vernis? I dont have an all vernis bag just some small leather goods
  4. I just got a Roxbury Drive in pomme and I LOVE it!!!
  5. I love the amarante vernis. So Amarante vernis!
  6. wait for the speedy mirage! no patina on the handles with the lovely mono canvas :p
  7. ^^^ Ooohh......that Mirage Speedy is to die for.
  8. roxbury drive! btw the onatah pochette in aubergine is sold out as far as i know.
  9. mm the speedy mirage is hot, but isnt it also pretty pricey?
    out of the above two i would go for the roxbury, such a HOT bag!!
  10. Roxbury!
  11. she said her limit is around $1300 and the mirage speedy is around 2k:sweatdrop:
  12. I vote Roxbury! I want one someday lol... after a few other bags!
  13. Roxbury in Amarante would be HOT
  14. Thanks everyone for your advice how durable will the vernis be during the summer?

  15. :tup::yes: