I need help dealing with Canada USPS lost item

  1. So in June I sold a this spy bag http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=010&sspagename=STRK%3AMESO%3AIT&viewitem=&item=200114265974&rd=1&rd=1

    I gave the buyer many quotes from different shipping vendors but she repeatedly requested USPS. I also insured the item for the max I was allowed and shipped her item on June 3rd. I sent the buyer the tracking numbers and thought all was good until I was notified that she did not get the package on june 8th when an attempt was made by USPS and she wanted to know where the package was. Many calls on my end to USPS, and Canada post which was rude and informed me they do not do searches for US customers. Knowing that I requested a search on the item to find out where it was and if was being shipped back to the US or lost so I could start the claim process.

    USPS told me that it takes 1-5 business days on their end but up to 30 days for a search by Canada post. In the meantime it is me doing the calling and trying to find this item even though the buyer said that she would be responsible if anything should happen. I have emailed her on a daily basis and tried to be a responsible seller. I really feel bad for this girl but really she should have just paid the extra for fedex, which I also told her because I have never had a problem with them. I just at this point dont know what to do and fear I am going to have to request another search for the item.

    Right now she is trying to locate it using Canada post and I really do hope she finds it. One big headache I am never again shipping to Canada, well at least not using USPS.
  2. I agree using USPS and Canada Post is a headache to say the least and their tracking sucks.

    You never know it might still turn up! that could happen.

    The good news is that you fully insured it so they should give your money back if it is lost!
  3. 1 week to arrive here? Wow, that was very fast. What method did you use? Is she sure it was your package?

    Did she go to the post office? There is a card dropped off when they attempt delivery, it has exactly where to go. Using the information on the card, the post office should be able to tell her what happened. The post office will usually try 3 times to deliver but not always. After that she has a week to go get it or it will be returned to sender.
  4. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for an item to get to Canada from the US.

    The tracking numbers on USPS customs forms are RE-USED so it is possible she is tracking an old package that was on some other box.

    I surely would give it another 1 - 1.5 weeks to get there.
  5. They said they left a card but she never got it, she is trying to find the item now through canada post. They think its still at the post office and they just mislabeled it.
  6. It was sent USPS international express mail so for sure its in canada by now.
  7. I don't understand why it takes so long for packages to get to Canada from here. I've shipped to Australia and Japan and the buyer got their items in like 3 days. But I was told by USPS that the priority mail international to Australia actually travels with the express mail, which is a good deal.

    I just started using not too long ago and have had no problems so far. They are actually a lot cheaper than USPS, in some cases, and they are way cheaper than UPS.
  8. Postal service here is a nightmare sometimes. Maybe you can suggest for her to check with her local post office.
    I know our regular mail guy went on holiday and his replacement lost a lot of our mail including two notice cards to pick up my passport. I had no idea it was due for pickup until our usual guy came back and a final notice for pickup was delivered the day it was supposed to get sent back.

    So definitely...tell her to go and ask the person at the office to look up her name it should be there!
  9. first of all its insured! so although it may take a while u will eventually get recovery of funds. yes there is a problem with shipping- but it goes both ways. i have waited like ~10 days but not 2 weeks. dont give up hope yet. sorry for the hassles.... beautiful bag!