i need help coach experts !

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  1. i got the coach watercolor tennies and i wore them bc i was so excited but i got something on them and i dont know how to get it off i tried a damp cloth and i was too scared to use my coach "signature fabric cleaner" without asking here first. i dont want the colors to run and its on the inside of the shoe so its not that noticeable but its still upsetting :crybaby:

    heres a pic of the spot


    should i leave it or just use the cleaner ? and if so how do i do it ? i feel so help less :push:
  2. I don't think you can use the signature fabric cleaner on anything but the sig stuff... even the hamptons weekend stuff says not to. What does the care card say to do? Also, I think if the sneaker is made out of that same nylon-y material, you could try a little bit of soapy water on a cloth, followed by a plain water cloth. Make sense?
  3. the tide to go pen works wonders! i used it on depthxofxdreams watercolor bag earlier this week.
  4. interesting !

    well the care card said

    "wipe shoes clean with a dry cloth or with a slightly damp cloth if shoes are soiled. the coach leather cleaner and moisturizer should not be used on these shoes."

    so i tried the damp cloth and it didnt work.

    then i was like oh yeah i have the cleaner stuff then i was thrown off bc it said signature. but then i remember i bought it with my patchwork flats bc they suggested it bc i was scared to get them dirty and they said that it works but ive never gotten the flats dirty so i have yet to even open the cleaner. and isnt the spring patchwork the same material as the watercolor so why would it be any different !

    but that is exactly why im asking here first !

    and kallison ill definitely try that tomorrow if nothing else works ! :tup: